Amid the mountains  that surround Foligno a little hamlet  offers you the joy of a relaxing day in a really off the beaten track place. Rasiglia looks like the natural framework for a nativity scene. When you reach this place you will be first struck by the pleasant noise of water and when you start your exploration your eyes will be pleased by the sight of it. Each house has a stream of water next to it, creeks , little water falls,  small bridges, paddles with crystal clear water and water plants characterized this village nowadays but in the past made it rich. Thanks to the presence of the  springs of  Menotre river and the canalization of it the place became  extremely important  for the production of energy and the development of the textile industries both here as well as in Foligno. Mills moved by water produced energy and flower, everybody could wash in the common washing basin and a community flourished. Rasiglia which once belonged to the powerful Trinci family of Foligno still bears witness to the past but above all it speaks about a community that knew how to live in harmony with nature taking advantage of it in a respectful way.