This town has never been part of “the Grand Tour” nor famous amid tourists both in Italy and around the world. It has no views to offer as it is on a plain and no Medieval stunning Basilicas but its gorgeous Palazzo Trinci built between the end of the 14th century and the beginning of the 15th with all its decoration will stay in your mind for long.
This elegant, classy and refined building with its unique rich decoration by some of the most important artists of the time is considered one of the greatest jewels of art of central Italy .
After your visit take a break in one of the many either ancient or modern beautiful cafes or stop at a butcher’s and taste the delicious cured meat they still produced locally together with fantastic cheese and a glass of wine.
Small winding streets as well as little Romanesque churches or Baroque ones will attract your attention as well as the large number of noble buildings and shops.