Cookies are small text files that the sites you visit send to your terminal (usually the browser), where they are stored before being re-transmitted to the same sites on the next visit. While browsing a site, you may also receive cookies on your terminal from different sites or servers (so-called third parties) on which certain elements may reside (images, maps, sounds, specific links to web pages of other domains, etc.) present on the site you are visiting.

Cookies are used for different purposes: execution of computer authentication, session monitoring, storage of information on specific configurations regarding users who access the server, storage of preferences, etc.

Cookies can be divided into two macro-categories: “technical” cookies and “profiling” cookies, “first party” if installed from the same site you are visiting, or “third parties” if installed from different sites.


Technical cookies

This site uses cookies, including third parties, so-called “Technicians” that serve to improve navigation by allowing the site and all its functions to function correctly. More precisely, the functions of the installed technical cookies used by our site are:

Activities strictly necessary for operation: these cookies are technical in nature and allow the site to function properly. For example, they keep the user connected while browsing, preventing the site from requesting to log in several times to access subsequent pages.

Activity for saving preferences: these cookies allow you to remember the preferences you have selected while browsing the site (eg language), making each subsequent access easier and faster.

Statistical Activities (Analiytics): these cookies provide us with data collected in anonymous and aggregate form on how you are interacting with the site in general and with individual pages in particular. The information concerns the sections visited, the time spent on the site, any malfunctions Said cookies, if used for the purpose of optimizing the site directly by the owner of the site, who can collect information in aggregate form on the number of users and how they visit the site. site, can be assimilated to technical cookies and the same rules apply to them, in terms of information and consent, provided for technical cookies.

Profiling cookies

These cookies are used to track your browsing on the net and create profiles on your tastes, habits, choices, etc. Our site does NOT install profiling cookies

Third party cookies

As mentioned, it is possible that the managers of other sites (so-called third parties) install cookies through ours; these cookies can be contained in various elements hosted on the page itself, such as advertising banners, images, videos, widgets, links to social pages etc. These are “third party” cookies which are frequently used for marketing and profiling purposes

Below are some of the most common widgets that can install cookies and links to their respective policies.

Google analytics (statistical cookies) privacy policy
Facebook (social media) privacy policy
Twitter (social media) privacy policy
Youtube (social media) privacy policy
G + (social media) privacy policy
Pinterest (social media) privacy policy
Instagram (social media) privacy policy

Furthermore, by accessing the page, it is possible to deactivate or activate the companies in the list that carry out profiling actions for behavioral advertising purposes.


Your prior consent is not required for the installation of “technical” cookies, while the obligation to provide information on their presence remains unaffected, which we consider fulfilled through this communication. By browsing our Site, you implicitly accept its use.



It is always possible to disable cookies, all or part of them, technical or otherwise. All browsers provide information in this regard, and we refer you to the corresponding privacy management web pages for the relative information.

Firefox (Internet browser) privacy policy
Explorer (Internet browser) privacy policy
Chrome (Internet browser) privacy policy
Opera (Internet browser) privacy policy
Safari (Internet browser, mobile) privacy policy
Chrome for mobile (Internet browser, mobile) privacy policy
Windows Phone (Internet browser, mobile) privacy policy
Blackberry (Internet browser, mobile) privacy policy

It is necessary to point out that new cookies are downloaded at each Internet connection, so the cancellation operation should be performed periodically. Some browsers offer automated systems for the periodic deletion of cookies.

It is also important to remember that disabling technical cookies could cause the Site to malfunction.